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Trident Case's are Proudly Made in the USA


Trident Case has been committed to manufacturing products in the USA since its launch in 2010. Over the past 4 years Trident Case has invested in the infrastructure and resources necessary to manufacture many of its tough cases, with style, in the USA. We currently produce the following products in the USA:

Manufacturing in the USA creates a domino effect of opportunities that stretch far beyond the doors of Trident Case. By manufacturing in the USA, Trident Case creates opportunities for its suppliers of raw materials and their suppliers, transportation providers, the cities of Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario, and the state of California, to name a few.

And as the momentum for our products continues to build, we are committed to pursuing more opportunities to expand our U.S. manufacturing operations in the years to come, so that we may soon reach our goal of producing the majority of our products in the USA.

Trident Case Manufacturing is located in Chino,CA
Trident Case believes in creating opportunities, including jobs, worldwide
Trident Case Proudly Made in the USA products will maintain the same quality and price
Trident Case has created 12 new jobs since 2012
Trident Case estimates that manufacturing in the USA will result in 20-40 new jobs