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I have never in my adult life written a company just to tell them how amazing their product is, but then again, I've never owned a Trident phone case before. I work two full time jobs, and I’m a full time student, so my phone is very important to me. Recently, while looking for a new phone case for my LG marquee, I came across Trident Cases on Amazon. They were reasonably priced, and look great, so I took a shot, and I wasn't disappointed. When the case arrived, I eagerly put it on, and I can't tell you how impressed I was. Both with the quality of the product and the way it looked.The pieces are precisely cut to fit my specific phone model; everything fits snugly and made me feel like my phone was safe and secure.

A few friends of mine and I were tailgating a football game.Sometime during the festivities I dropped my phone.I didn't realize that I had dropped it, and when I noticed it missing I wasn't concerned because I assumed I had left it in one of the cars.So when it came time to leave the stadium we were backing out of the parking spot... and I spotted something blue laying in our parking space.I immediately recognized the blue of my Aegis case, and my heart sank.We had just run over my phone with my buddies’ car.I sprang into action, and ran to the side of my poor phone. I was expecting bits and pieces of plastic and computer chips everywhere, but when I got there, my phone was still in one piece... how could that be?I picked it up and hit the screen lock button, expecting to see that my phones screen was shattered beyond all recognition, but to my amazement, my phone sprang right to life, like nothing ever happened.

You see, while I was being careless and stupid with my lifeline to the world, Trident had my back. My phone (and case) was ran over with not one, but two tires of my friends car and walked away without a scratch. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was a fluke, but I choose to believe that your amazing case is what saved my phone that day. And for that I will be a Trident customer for life. - Kyle H.


Just wanted to send a note to say how much I appreciate my Trident case. It keeps my phone from slipping out of my hand or my pocket. It has saved me from dropping it, as is easily done with other cases. Thanks!! – Mike H.


I am a firm believer in Trident Case. I have used several and have dropped them and my phone has always been protected. Your customer service is over the top. You have stood behind your products in cases where you did not have to replace a case yet you have strove to go above and beyond any normal persons expectations of a company and for that I thank you! Again your company is awesome! – John W.


My son went on a roller coaster at a local theme park, and while in a loop his iPhone 4 (in a Trident Kraken case) flew out of his pocket. My son was convinced it was lost forever and if it was found it wouldn’t work. He reported it to lost and found and a week later got an email saying they had found his Phone! It didn’t even have any scratches on the case, and after it was charged it worked perfectly! Thanks so much for such a great case! Won’t use anything else! – Andrea R.


This is my second time getting a Trident case. I love the products but the customer service is even better. I originally ordered a case, received it, and it just wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I sent an email to customer service and had a new case sent to me no problem. I always get my emails answered within the same day and they are always courteous and reasonable. Customer service this stellar is hard to come by nowadays. Thanks Trident case, you have a customer for life. – Taylor S.


I recently purchased the Trident Kraken case for the LG Revolution. I dropped my phone from my pant pocket about 3 feet and the case did its job, the phone was saved! Thank you. – Detective Kevin M.


I've just received my Cyclops Case for my iPhone 4S. I love it! It was easy to assemble. The fit and finish are superb. So worth it's price! I love the choice of colors. Now my iPhone feels well protected. A big thank you from a very satisfied customer. – Dorothy


I work at a beer distribution warehouse in Pennsylvania. The combination of the concrete floors and the low temperature has killed MANY dropped phones. BUT, thanks to your Aegis case, my phone survived a fall from atop a pallet of beer today. Thanks again! – Andrew T.


I am a happy new owner of a Samsung Galaxy S III! I couldn’t wait to come home to purchase a case for my new phone. My sister highly recommended trying a Trident case. I was amazed to see all the neat options. I'm a total believer in “MADE IN USA”. Thank you so much for keeping America employed!!! What goes around comes back around!!! Truly, thank you!!! – Elizabeth J.


I work as a Genius for Apple in New Jersey. Since the iPhone 4 was released I have purchased almost every single rugged case for the iPhone 4 and 4S. I have found many design issues with these cases and their performance had left me very dissatisfied. Then I found out about your original Kraken series case and purchased a blue exoskeleton and red Perseus case (because I love Superman colors). The case was the best one I ever used.

Then your company released the Kraken A.M.S. case, so I purchased the Trident green Perseus and a black Exoskeleton about a month ago. I have to admit it is the strongest, flawless, coolest design I have ever seen in a mobile case. I have to use my iPhone every day at the Genius Bar and my customers are WOW-ed at how awesome this case looks and feels compared to any other case out there. I also have to say that the overall performance of the case is 10 out of 10.

I am so happy with your product that I plan on buying blue and red Kraken A.M.S. exoskeleton to get my superman colors. I just want to say thank you so much, you have truly made a lifelong customer out of me and I will continue showing your product off to be a true testament to your product's excellence. – Life Long Customer, Chris D.


I recently purchased a Motorola Droid 4, an upgrade from my 1st generation Droid. I've got fat fingers, and I like the tactile feel of buttons, so I prefer the slider. However, this presents a challenge for when it comes to protection. I have to have protection on my devices, because I'm hard on all materials around me (I don't mean to be, but I just am).

When I got the Droid 4, I just bought one of the plastic shells they carried in the store. This was fine, until I added the 32gb memory chip. I could not, for the life of me, get the damn thing back on. I did a quick search, found your product, and a couple of days later; I'm snapping your Aegis case onto my Droid 4.

Wonderful! I don't know how much engineering goes into your product, but it hangs on exactly as a product of this kind should. It hangs on in the right spot, and always contacts the places it should in the same way, but doesn't take extraordinary effort to put on. I've already dropped the phone, of course, and the covers pop off, the energy from the fall diverted into the shield, rather than transmitted to the phone. Fabulous!

And because the covers snap right back on, it's not a hassle. Thank you for having a product that does exactly what it’s designed to do, and more. I'm probably going to get one for my wife's iPad. As careful as she tries to be, I think it'd be good to have the additional protection. Thank you! – Paul R.

100% OKAY

I dropped my phone from a two-story balcony. The phone landed on cement. Your case saved my phone. It's 100% okay!!! – Chris D.


I bought a Trident Case for my iPhone about a year and a half ago and I love it. I've dropped my phone on concrete, asphalt, brick, tile and on all sides. My phone is still in perfect condition and the case is still going strong. I love that the whole thing is easily taken apart and cleaned. I also have another case that everyone recommended that I get. Supposedly the best one, could survive a tank or something, and I've never once used it. It's clunky, among other things, unlike the Trident Case. I will definitely be a customer for as long as I have an iPhone. Don't change a thing. – Sheree J.


I work as a police officer and my phone really gets knocked around at work. I expected the case to stand up to the daily abuse but it went above and beyond about two months ago.

A call in progress came out just around the corner from where I was at and I put my phone (in the Trident case) in my pocket and drove to the location. I had to make a quick exit from my patrol car and in the process; my pocket was pulled open, allowing my phone to come out. I didn’t notice the phone falling out, and it continued on to the call.

Once I had things stabilized, another officer arrived at the call and moved my patrol car as it was blocking someone's driveway. My phone was still in the road when my car was moved and the person pulling into the driveway didn't see it. They drove directly over my phone, while I was watching, with a compact Nissan pickup truck with both tires. I didn't realize it was my phone until the back tire kicked it up, bouncing into the air and back down onto the pavement.

When I realized what I had just watched, I had that sinking feeling that my phone was now a pile of crunched hardware that I could only hope to recover my photos from. When I walked over and picked the phone up, I was astonished to see that not only was the phone fully functional and damage free… SO WAS THE TRIDENT CASE! There was one very faint scratch on the back of the case, but rubbing it with my finger made it all but go away. OUTSTANDING!!! – John W.


I love your phone cases; they feel good when you’re holding them and are very rugged. I’ve had your cases on my last 2 android phones, and I recommend them to everyone. Thank you guys for a great case and keep up the good work, I'll be purchasing another case soon when I upgrade. – CJ B.


I recently purchased a Kraken A.M.S. case and LOVE it. I am writing a blog post about it. Thanks for such a great product! – Ronnie S.


So I decided to switch cases again since I like rugged cases with screen protectors built in. I have had an Otterbox Defender and two Seidio cases and sure they worked out well... The flashy colors of the Kraken A.M.S. caught my eye and I finally purchased the bright green to match my personality. I received the case and straight out of the box the build quality, I could tell, was beyond what I expected.

Everything meant business. Putting the case on my iPhone was easy; thanks to the YouTube guide they had online. I've received comments on the ruggedness and the flashiness of my case. I accidentally dropped it during work and it practically broke the ice and left everything else unscathed! Keep this up Trident, you got a brilliant case that can take a serious beating while having the flashiness of something that even Elton John can't pull off! – Charlie P.


I currently own the Aegis case for my Nokia Lumia 900 and I think it’s perfect. It has the right amount of hard shell protection but with a perfect amount of rubber to nearly make the ports resistant to water getting in; it’s also perfect for when you drop your phone on an edge. I dropped the phone from 4 ½ feet (accidently) and it landed on one of the corner edges, had it not been protected by one of your cases it would have cracked, or shattered. – John W.


I am 100% satisfied with your product. This past Friday I was at a "Re-ball" game (rubber paintball) and was shooting a video with my iPhone 5. My sister thought it would be funny to shoot at me filming... Before I knew it my phone went flying out of my hands and without a doubt I was sure my investment was destroyed. At 250 feet per second not only did my iPhone 5 survive the high speed impact but the case had nothing but the oil imprint of the ball on the back of it. So I want to say thank you for making such a high quality, reliable product - which is hard to find in today's market. – Edward K.


I just received the A.M.S. T-Stand for my Kraken A.M.S. iPad case, bringing my total of Trident products to 3 (a phone case, iPad case and the T-Stand). Both cases have stood up brilliantly to the odd drops I'm liable to inflict on them, usually through missing pockets or forgetting the iPad is on the bed. I love my Trident cases, and the T-Stand has so many angles I can see it becoming a fast favorite as well. Thanks for the brilliant products. - Michael M.


I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note and bought the Aegis case for it. Well, today I left it on top of my car as a friend pulled away in it. As he reached 30-35 MPH, the phone went airborne and came crashing to the ground. Before I could get to it, it was run over by another car. The case was damaged, but the phone doesn't have a mark. You have a great product. - Pepper S..


While at an amusement park in North Carolina named Paramount’s Carowinds, I was on one of the largest rides at the park called, "The Intimidator", when my phone fell out of my pocket. The roller coaster is 232 ft. high and goes 75 mph. The phone fell out of my pocket on the highest drop of the roller coaster. After the ride, I went to Guest Services and they informed me that they would look for it under the roller coaster when the park closed. I filled out some paperwork on the missing phone and the next day they called me back and told me that they had found it.

My phone was in perfect working condition with only a few minor scratches. I'm not sure if the hard plastic piece of the case broke or not because it was not with my phone when I went to pick it up the next day from guest services. But I am VERY impressed that the case was able to protect my phone from such a dramatic fall. The phone only had one scratch on the bottom and one tear in the rubber piece of the case, but that is to be expected. Everyone who was with me told me to go ahead and start saving for a new phone, but thanks to this product, I can stick with this phone! –Joshua M.


I’ve owned and loved my blue Aegis case for almost two years now and I have 5 star reviewed this case on so many different sites as well as recommended it to absolutely everyone looking for the best phone case ever made. My wife just ordered a new one after she upgraded to the iPhone 5 and both my daughters have the pink and the yellow iPhone 4 Trident cases. I also have a Trident case on my iPad too.

My phone survived after falling 27 feet onto a hotel lobby floor while on business. I love the Aegis cases and will never use anything else. - Mike O.


I was so pleased with the phone cases that I ordered for mine, and my husbands’ Motorola DROID Razr’s, that I turned around and ordered two iPad cases as well as an iPad Mini case for my kids for Christmas. These cases are amazing! Love the quality, and for the price you can’t go wrong!!! Next I think we'll order them for my kids' iPod touches. I am proud to buy American made when it's available. Thank you for making such affordable and high quality products! - Sara B.


I just want to let you know I'm very happy my case and have had many complements in just the few short hours since I put it on!!! I love that you have the other colors available without buying the entire case and best of all it is Made in the USA! Congratulations!! - Margaret B.


Today I received the Aegis case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I must say out of the many phones/cases I've been through; your product is by far the best I’ve used. I am truly impressed with the quality, feel and a great look. Thank you and please continue making lovely cases. I will be looking at your products first, every time I upgrade. - Kevin


The Kraken A.M.S. case for iPad 2 worked great. My 8-year-old son dropped the iPad on the corner of the case but the iPad is still in perfect condition! I would recommend this case for the great protection it offers. – Jody J.


I’m a trucker and ran over my phone (inside a Cyclops case) 3 weeks ago in northern Kentucky. Your case kept it alive and couldn't believe it. Thanks! - Jeff


I just installed 50 of your competitors' cases and 50 Kraken II cases on iPads’ that are being deployed to kindergarten classrooms, and I am so impressed with your case. Your design, fit and form is perfect!


I was walking down the street one day and then proceeded to cross the street. As I reached the other side of the crosswalk I realized that my phone had fallen out of my pocket. I turned to go pick up my phone, but there was traffic and my phone was ran over by three different vehicles as I stood watched helplessly, waiting for the light to change so I could retrieve my phone.

I was extremely nervous approaching my phone, I thought it would be crushed and broken beyond repair. Imagine my elation when I realized the only thing damaged was my Trident Perseus case. My phone was without a scratch on it. I am very grateful for my Trident Perseus!!! Thank you. - Devan


I chose the Kraken A.M.S. case. It's great! Not too complicated to put on. The hard protective front cover is great, with no problems in touchscreen functionality! All the buttons and ports seem to be easily accessible; it also fits nicely in a cell phone wallet I purchased. Thanks for a great case! - Rita


I recently purchased a phone case from one of your competitors. Upon dropping my phone the first time, the phone protective case broke and my phone shattered. With this being a new company phone, my employers were very upset with me. After receiving my new phone I immediately looked for a robust protective case. I found your product in a retailer at BWI airport and was immediately impressed with the robust nature of your product. I purchased your product for my Droid 4 and have been very pleased with this case.

Today I actually forgot my phone on the trunk of my rental car at a gas station. I did not notice it was missing until I arrived at the rental agency. I immediately remembered leaving it on the trunk and to my surprise it was still there!!! The tacky nature of the rubber gripped the car even around curves and acceleration! Thank you so much for creating a great product. - Chris F.


My iPhone 4 Kraken A.M.S. media stand broke off when I dropped it by accident. The next day I sent an e-mail requesting a new one and to my surprise they agreed and I had my new media stand within a couple days! I am so surprised by the great care Trident takes of their customers. I intend to stick with Trident for any case upgrades, anywhere else would have ignored my email or denied my request. Thank you! - Terry


My name is Jeff; I have a Samsung Galaxy S that is protected by a Trident Case. I own the Aegis and have been very happy with it. I just wanted to let you know that I recently tried to destroy my phone, using a fire truck. However, your case protected it even though the tire of the truck rolled right over it. Luckily the ground was a little moist from rain and it pressed in to the ground easily but still the phone was not damaged in any way whatsoever. So thanks for making products that even firefighters can’t destroy! - Capt. Jeff J. Fire/Rescue


I bought your case for my Samsung Droid Charge. I went Duck hunting one morning and left the phone on the hood of my car. My son saw it fly off when I was going 55 mph. Of course it hit the road. But, guess what? The phone is completely fine. The case is scratched up, but the phone is fine. Thanks!!!! - Gregory S.


I purchased a Trident Kraken Case for my DROID X about a year ago, I have had other so-called rugged protective cases, and nothing has compared to the Trident brand case I have on my DROID X. I even had the most popular Otterbox case and it is not even close to the Kraken.

I work construction so I am around dust, dirt, mud and rugged conditions everyday and even now if I open up the case my phone still looks brand new. It is almost time for me to get a new phone and my choice of phone will ultimately be decided by the availability of the Kraken for the phone I choose. Thank you for developing one of the best products I have purchased in years, keep up the good work! - Scott D.


All I can say is, "Wow!" This Cyclops case for my Samsung Continuum is even better than I expected. The case is perfect, everything is in exactly the right place and the fit and finish could not be better. I have never seen a case match a device this well, even from the manufacturer. My phone is very well protected. I dropped it from 3-feet on to a hardwood floor and there was no damage to the phone or the case. I will recommend Trident Cases to all my friends. - Phil L.


My husband was getting in and out of his full size pick up truck, after carefully trying to position the truck to unload some stuff in a parking lot at work. At some point his (very delicate) Samsung Fascinate (a $500.00+ phone) encased in a Trident Cyclops case, unknowingly fell out of the truck cab to the ground. My husband then drove over the phone when he pulled away. He heard a tremendous crunch noise and thought to himself, oh no, I bet that was my measuring tape, I bet that thing is messed up! So he got out of the truck to investigate and found his phone rather than his measuring tape. His heart sank as he picked up the mangled case from the ground.

But as he peeled the case away from the phone, he was utterly shocked and needless to say, super impressed that his phone only had one very minor nick on it! The phone is in perfect working order and no one would ever guess a truck weighing a few thousand pounds ran over it! He kept looking at it for days in total amazement! My husband immediately commenced to telling and showing all his co-workers how impressive his case was and how unharmed his phone was after being run over by a few thousand pounds! Im so grateful there is still a company out there today that makes high quality products for a reasonable price. Keep up the good work!! - Joy D.


When I purchased my Samsung Charge phone, I knew I wanted a really good case. I eventually decided on a nice turquoise blue Trident Kraken. Last Tuesday my daughter and I drove up into the mountains to visit a small gold-rush town. Just prior to returning home we made a convenience stop and I took my dog for a short walk. Upon returning home, I realized my beloved phone was gone. I had no idea what could have happened to it until I remembered putting it on the roof of my SUV when I put the dog back in the car.

The following day my mother called from California. A lovely lady had called her and said she had my phone! She was the owner of a small grocery store, SEVEN MILES DOWN THE MOUNTAIN from where we had made our last stop. The phone (nestled snugly in it's case) had gripped the roof of my car for seven miles of twisty, turning, 55-mph mountain road. When it finally lost it's grip, it hit the ground hard enough to separate the case, bounce the phone out of the silicone shell, knock the back off, and release the battery into the wild. The lady retrieved all the parts, put it back together, and it turned right on.

The case looks almost exactly the way it did the last time I saw it, both phone and case are in perfect working order. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with your product. No phone of mine (or my daughter's) will ever be without a Trident case. Thank you! - Gillian P.


I had forgotten my phone on top of the car and drove down the highway. The phone only has 2 scratches on it and none on my screen or camera. I could only find the back to the case, but I just wanted to email y'all to let y'all know that your case saved my phone and what would have been a horrible 21st birthday!! Thanks for the amazing case! - Shannon L.


I bought a Trident Case a year and half ago for my new Droid incredible. My phone has been dropped, rained on, sat on, slept on and through it all; your product has protected my phone. My phone is rarely out of the case, only for a cleaning of the case about every 2-3 months. My phone looks like it is brand new fresh out of the box! I am so happy with your product, I tell everyone with a smartphone to check out your website. I am upgrading to the Droid RAZR and will definitely invest in a new Trident Case. Thank you for a well-built product that does what you say it will do. - Donna M.


I want you to know I am blown away by the ruggedness, and quality of the case. I love it so much I want to get a few more in different colors. In the past I've used Otterbox, I hated the dust and pet hair that would stick to it. My kids gave me one for the phone I am now using and I sent it back and decided to try your brand. Fell in love with it! - Anthony D.


I purchased my case in January. Up until this past Saturday, I just liked my case. I now LOVE my Trident case and am probably going to be a customer for life. In the midst of moving my grandmother and returning the moving truck, I misplaced my phone. When I retraced my steps I found it face down in the entrance to a gas station, it had been run over. There were black tire marks on my phone, I held my breath, reached down and picked it up, turned it over and it was WORKING. There were no other marks on the case than the tire tracks. I would like to thank you for a quality product that I will tell everyone about. -Kelly W.


The Kraken case is great; I have nothing but good things to say about it. - Beau C.


I bought your Trident Kraken AMS case + swivel belt clip for my HTC Ruby/Amaze 4G and absolutely love it, you've got a customer for life as long as you make case for whatever phone I have... it has already saved my phone multiple times (left on top of car twice and drove off and went flying across a road once, and a parking lot once) my question is, are you guys going to have a case for the HTC One-S (T-Mobile?) as this is most likely going to be my next device... thanks for any info you may be able to give! -Respectfully, Douglass M.


I'm an Apple addict, and the father of two small children, which means I am constantly worried about getting peanut butter shoved into the headphone jack of my iPhone, or seeing my iPad tossed out a window by two chubby little hands. I initially bought Otterbox products because they were sold at the AT&T store and they were the only product group I knew that took rugged cases seriously.

When I upgraded my iPhone to 4S this year, I bought your Cyclops case and was very satisfied. Comparable (? better) protection to Otterbox and a cheaper price, I bought a Kraken II case for my iPad 2 and then replaced my 4S case with an Aegis to reduce bulk. I am a career military officer and often risk my electronic devices by getting them out in the "field"; your products make that decision easier. In any case, thanks for making great products, you've turned our family into loyal Trident buyers! -Patrick S.


You people are amazing. I tour around the world to many out of control places where my phone is dropped on a daily basis. Trident is the only case that has stood up to the challenge. As a matter of fact I'm going to promote Trident on my Twitter account right now. Thank you for everything you do. - Eric X.


Just got my phone case and absolutely love it! Thanks for offering great products and great colors for Android devices. Now my daughter wants one too! - Sandra C.